Root Canal Procedure

Root Canal Procedure: Causes, Treatment, & Prevention

Pain is inevitable when you get injured; however, the ongoing achy and throbbing feeling you get from a toothache can feel as though it’s incomparable to anything else. Not only are toothaches painful, but they can prevent you from carrying out day to day routines that are as simple as talking, eating, focusing, and even sleeping. While there are many causes for a toothache, many times the solution is a root canal procedure. Typically, after a tooth decays, cracks, or gets injured, the nerve becomes infected and inflamed. In this case, to prevent further damage, a root canal might be the answer to restoring relief. 

At Bloom Dental of Arlington, we offer root canal treatments for those around Ballston and Fairfax, VA who are suffering from a severe toothache. Our dentists are highly skilled and trained in performing successful root canals to treat and save decaying teeth, which is why our patients travel from around D.C, Tyson’s Corner, and Alexandria for our professional endodontic services. 

Causes of a Root Canal

Contrary to what you’ve heard as a child, eating a ton of sugar is not the only reason you might experience a toothache. There is a list of possible reasons for why your tooth hurts, and this pain may require a root canal procedure. It’s important to visit your dentist immediately after experiencing tooth pain to determine the cause. 

Tooth Decay

A decaying tooth is one of the most common reasons patients need a root canal. A large enough cavity can infect your nerve or pulp chamber. Your tooth is surrounded by resilient enamel, but enough plaque and tartar can lead to erosion. If a decaying tooth is left untreated, it can make its way through the enamel and into the dentin until it reaches the pulp tissue. The pulp contains the nerves of your teeth, which is what’s causing the unbearable pain you’re experiencing. 


Another cause for a root canal is if your tooth cracks or breaks. This trauma leads to exposure of the pulp tissue, which can damage your nerves. In either case, the infected and damaged nerves will need to be removed in order to save the tooth. 

Root Canal Treatment

Our dentists at Bloom Dental of Arlington are experts in their field and have years of experience in saving natural teeth with successful root canal treatments. This multi-step procedure aims to restore proper functioning of the tooth. After the dentist numbs the area around the tooth with a local anesthetic, the dentist will drill into the tooth to create a small access hole into the canal. Next, the infected pulp tissue, which is composed of nerves and blood vessels, is removed. 

Women in need of root canal in Arlington, VA

Once the dentist removes the pulp and cleans the chamber, they will continue by shaping and cleaning the hollow space. Shaping the space prepares it for the temporary filling of a rubber-like sealant called gutta percha. After the procedure is complete, you will be required to make an appointment with your dentist to have a crown placed on your tooth. The purpose of the crown is to support the structure of your fragile tooth and protect it against future decay.


There are many steps you can take to prevent root canal treatment — many of which include suggestions you’ve probably heard from your dentist at each of your visits. By practicing proper oral hygiene, you can prevent root canals and many other oral health conditions.
⦁ Brush your teeth thoroughly every morning and night.
⦁ Floss your teeth every day to remove bacteria and plaque from your teeth.
⦁ Cut back on your sugar consumption. 
⦁ If you experience toothaches or gum infections, don’t wait to contact your dentist. Prolonging the issue can cause further damage and result in the need for a root canal. 
⦁ Visit your dentist as recommended for proper cleaning.

No one enjoys getting a root canal, but with advancements in dental technology, the procedure leaves patients with little to no pain. Our patients travel from around Ballston and Fairfax, VA to get the highest quality dental care and treatments for saving their natural teeth. If you or someone you know needs dental procedures including root canal treatment or wisdom teeth removal around Washington D.C, Tyson’s Corner, Fairfax or Alexandria, contact the professionals at Bloom Dental of Arlington today.


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