Tooth Extraction Services

Tooth Extraction Services

When a tooth has been deemed unsalvageable by a dentist or oral surgeon, tooth extraction is often the only option. Whether it’s due to severe damage, excessive decay, or an infection, tooth extraction procedures are typically the last line of defense for the oral health and wellbeing of patients. Though permanent teeth are supposed to last for the lifetime of an individual, having to pull the tooth may be a patient’s only viable option. 

Tooth Trauma

After an accident or severe instance involving damaged or broken teeth, our dentists at Bloom Dental of Arlington will work diligently to restore your beautiful smile to where it once was. In the event of significant tooth trauma that cannot be repaired using only a crown, your dentist may suggest tooth extraction, followed by a dental implant or bridge to prevent the remainder of intact teeth from shifting out of their original placements.

Tooth Decay & Infection

When it comes to severe decay or infection of a tooth, often a root canal, or endodontic therapy, can successfully save the tooth. In certain situations, however, Root Canal Therapy (RCT) and prescription antibiotics are unsuccessful, and a tooth extraction procedure is unavoidable to stop the spread of infection from the affected tooth.

In the event that a patient is diagnosed with Periodontal disease, which occurs when the gum tissues and the bones surrounding your teeth become infected and cause the teeth to loosen and decay, it may be necessary to perform an extraction on the infected tooth/teeth to stop the spread of the infection throughout the mouth. 

Wisdom Teeth

For some lucky patients, their wisdom teeth will grow in without issue or the need for the teeth to be extracted; for others, wisdom tooth removal will be a necessary step in protecting their oral health at some point throughout adulthood. For our Alexandria, Arlington, Ballston, Tyson’s Corner, and D.C patients who are experiencing pain due to their impacted wisdom teeth, or wisdom teeth that are causing oral complications, should schedule a consultation as soon as possible to have x-rays and an evaluation conducted by one of our dental professionals. 

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As one of the most trusted teams of dentists for the residents of Arlington, VA, Alexandria, VA, Ballston, VA, Tyson’s Corner, VA, as well as Washington D.C, our commitment at Bloom Dental of Arlington is to provide the top care for our dental patients. Utilizing the newest and most advanced medical equipment for all procedures, including tooth extractions, our highly-trained team of medical professionals strives to make every dental procedure as quick and pain-free as possible for our patients. 

Many patients do not realize how vital oral care and hygiene are to their overall health and well-being. For our team of highly-skilled dentists at Bloom Dental of Arlington, it’s our mission to improve the teeth and lives of every patient that walks through our doors. If you’re experiencing pain due to tooth trauma or feel that you have any form of tooth infection, do not hesitate to call us at 703-243-3600 to schedule an appointment.


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