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When tooth decay begins in a patient’s mouth, cavities can be found forming in or on the teeth that have been impacted. Cavities are the most straightforward indicator of a weak or decaying tooth.  When our dentists at Bloom Dental of Arlington discover a cavity forming during a routine dental checkup, it’s necessary to remove all of the decay and perform dental filling services to ensure the overall health of the affected tooth or teeth. For VA patients located in Arlington, Alexandria, Ballston, Tyson’s Corner, and D.C, getting a cavity removed followed by a dental filling can spare years of restorative dental care. 

Types of Dental Fillings

There are various techniques used to fill a tooth after the removal of a cavity. Traditionally, gold or amalgam (silver) dental fillings were the only option for patients. As dental technologies have advanced, there are now various options for patients that are more aesthetically pleasing. At Bloom Dental of Arlington, we want to ensure our patients’ teeth are not only healthy, but look brighter and more beautiful than ever before. That is why our dentists offer a variety of dental fillings that are nearly invisible, matching the tooth color from which the cavity was removed.

The Importance of Fillings

When tooth decay is discovered, it’s essential to remove the decay and fill it to prevent exposed areas of the tooth from becoming infected by potentially harmful bacteria. When a cavity is caught early enough, it can be removed and filled, allowing the tooth to return to its normal function. If a cavity is neglected for too long, the decay will continue to eat away at the inner layers of the tooth, which will cause discomfort for the patient, and eventually will require more extensive oral surgery to prevent even further damage from occurring.
Cavities that decay for long enough will reach the pulp of the tooth, and eventually, its root; and may cause a fracture or complete breakage of the tooth itself. In these instances, the best case scenarios will require a Root Canal Treatment (RCT) with crown placement service for the patient. In more severe cases, the patient may require a full tooth extraction procedure followed by an implant surgery. 

Why Choose Bloom Dental of Arlington?

Our team of dentists at Bloom Dental of Arlington stress the importance of routine dental hygiene and regular check-ups for all of our patients. When caught early enough, cavities are an easy fix; when left unmanaged, they can create issues that basic dental filling services are unable to correct. Our mission is to ensure both the oral and overall health of every patient who relies on our services, which is why our family of dental experts is continually advancing their education and use of the highest-quality medical equipment available in the dental industry.

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