Dispelling the Most Common Dental X-Ray Myths

Most common dental x-ray myths are just that — myths — but people aren't always deterred from thinking that way. Many fear stepping into the dentist's office, and there are plenty of reasons they give to avoid a six-month checkup. At Bloom Dental of Arlington, we understand the fear when hearing the word radiation, and that's why we're making it our job to help dispel radiation myths and any of the other common things people are told about x-rays that just aren't true. 

Myth #1: Dental X-Rays Emit Dangerous Amounts of Radiation

Radiation is the word associated with most people's dental x-ray fears, but radiation exposure is extremely limited during dental x-rays. Did you know that the average person receives more doses of radiation daily than you do in a dental x-ray? With the sun, stars, and even road construction materials, Americans receive about 6.2 millisieverts of radiation. With an intraoral x-ray, you'll only get .005 millisieverts of radiation, and panoramic x-rays give off .01 millisieverts.

We understand why you'd be worried, and that's why we employ the finest dentists with the education and expertise to break down the x-ray process for patients who need a bit of reassurance. 

Myth #2: You Need an X-Ray During Every Dental Visit

With good oral health and periodic visits to the dentist, you'll only need digital x-rays once a year. With most patients coming in every six months, you'll likely follow an on-off cycle. Patients with dental problems like tooth decay or gum disease will probably have to get more x-rays than normal. If you're considering dental implants, Invisalign, or braces, more x-rays will be needed to identify the position of the teeth, the structure of jawbones, and any additional changes that need to be made.

Myth #3: Dental X-Rays Are Dangerous for Children

We know how important your little one is, and we understand the hesitancy of wanting to get an x-ray for your child if you've heard it can cause long-term effects on their health. Fortunately, dental x-rays have no negative effect on your child's development, but they do positively impact your child's growth! Dental x-rays can alert you and your dentist of any possible problems with your child's teeth and get ahead of them before they worsen.

Myth #4: Dental X-Rays Can Affect the Brain

X-rays are taken orally, meaning they are right next to the brain, leaving many people fearing the worst. Fortunately, dental x-rays only look at a small portion of the body, and their radius doesn't go far enough to affect the brain — if it actually affected the brain. Even though all x-rays are very safe operations, dental x-rays emit the least amount of radiation compared to the others, making them a safe choice for any and everyone.

If you're worried about cancer risks, cancer is generally based on exposure to the entire body, not just one specific location. With the small amount of radiation from x-rays, you don't have to worry about any effects on your brain.

Myth #5: Dental X-Rays Can Affect Pregnant Mothers

Nursing mothers need to be mindful of many things, from their food consumption to breaking smoking and drinking habits and even the amount of exercise they do. It makes sense to be concerned about the effects an x-ray can have on you or your baby, especially if you've been bombarded with myths. Fortunately, we can assure you that babies aren't exposed to radiation during x-rays in the womb, and the radiation won't linger in breast milk or other parts of the body before, during, or after your pregnancy.

Don't Be Deterred by These Dental Myths! Visit Your Local Dentist Today

Many people who refuse to visit a dentist have these x-ray myths in their minds. But believe it or not, they're actually doing more harm to themselves by not visiting the dentist! Fortunately, dentists know these myths exist, and with professionals like the ones at Bloom Dental of Arlington, you'll get a breakdown of them all and learn why they shouldn't come in the way of your oral health. Contact us today to learn more about our dental cleaning services and get yourself on the path toward good dental health!

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