What Are the Benefits of Custom Night Guards?

Do you have a problem with bruxism? That’s the official dental terminology for teeth grinding! If you grind your teeth at night, you’ve probably already been told by your dentist that you should invest in a custom mouth guard. If you’ve not taken this step yet, it’s time! Bloom Dental’s customized guards for adults are durable, high-quality, and custom-molded to fit your mouth. Find out more about what a custom mouth guard can do for you!

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Protects Your Smile

The most important reason to wear a custom mouth guard is to protect your teeth! Bruxism can cause long-term damage to both your top and bottom teeth. The stress and force of your teeth constantly rubbing together can push them out of place or cause chipping or breaking. Without protection, you might end up needing serious dental repair, such as a root canal. That's why a custom dental night guard is a must-have for your oral health if you've ever struggled with nighttime teeth grinding. 

Fits Your Mouth — Guaranteed!

Some people deal with tooth grinding problems by purchasing over-the-counter night guards or “boil and bite” guards from their local drugstore or big-box store. While using these can sometimes be better than nothing at all, an incorrectly sized mouthguard can actually do dental damage since it can shift and alter the positions of your teeth. Rather than relying on approximate measurements, our dental experts take an exact impression of your teeth to create your night guard!

Reduces Pain

Repetitive teeth grinding and clenching all night long can cause pain and inflammation throughout your mouth and jaw, especially around your temporomandibular joint (the “hinge” joint located between the temporal bone and the lower jaw). That’s why you might have heard the abbreviation “TMJ” associated with bruxism. You might not even realize you’re grinding or clenching your teeth during the night until you wake up with tooth or jaw pain. Severe bruxism can even cause painful headaches from all that repetitive motion.

Improves Sleep Quality

When you invest in a custom-fit mouthguard, you’ll no longer have to deal with a painful toothache keeping you up all night or your partner waking you up during the wee hours because your snoring is driving them crazy. As a result, your sleep quality will improve tremendously. 

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