What Are the Advantages of Dental Sealants for Children?

A boy is pictured getting an oral examination. The image is centered around his mouth and one of his teeth are missing. The dentist is using instruments and wearing blue safety gloves. The dentist’s face is not pictured.

Your teeth face an uphill battle when it comes to preventing damage and decay. Even with a comprehensive oral hygiene routine and regular visits to the dentist, your teeth can still be damaged due to eating and other factors. It is especially important for children to have the maximum protection available, ensuring the long-term health of their teeth. Dental sealants are a great way for you to protect the teeth of a child. 

First developed in the early 20th century, dental sealants have now become a preferred method of tooth protection for growing kids. A dental sealant works by sealing small pits and fissures that develop naturally on adult teeth. As children get their first molars, dental sealants are applied to create an overall smooth surface that blocks the build-up of food particles and the resulting bacteria.

Bloom Dental of Arlington provides comprehensive dental sealant procedures for our pediatric patients. Our sealant application will ensure your child’s teeth are protected from the harmful effects of bacteria, which often lead to tooth decay.

Painless Application Process

The application of a dental sealant is a painless procedure. Your dentist applies a resin to the surface area of your child’s teeth, and within a matter of seconds, the resin dries. Children are then told to thoroughly rinse their mouths, and the procedure is completed. This simple process can provide years of added protection for your child’s teeth.

Added Protection Against Food Particles, Plaque, and Bacteria

A primary advantage of having a dental sealant applied to your child's teeth is the added protection it will provide against a multitude of threats. Food particles, plaque, and bacteria all play a role in the development and spread of tooth decay. By using a dental sealant during their childhood and adolescence, your child is being provided the maximum protection against decay and future damages to their teeth. A dental sealant combined with comprehensive oral care and regular dental visits will ensure your children’s teeth are getting the best protection against injury.

Long Sealant Lifespan

It is not uncommon for a dental sealant to last up to a decade. That’s ten years of added protection against the harmful effects of plaque and bacteria! Considering the simplicity of the initial application procedure and the proven benefits of dental sealants, the long lifespan of the resin is another reason why a parent or guardian should consider using dental sealants for their children’s teeth.

Convenient Maintenance and Repair Procedures

Another advantage of pediatric dental sealants is their ability to be maintained and repaired relatively easily. If a sealant wears down or becomes chipped, the repair is simply to reapply sealant to the affected area. No additional work is required to successfully repair dental sealant.

Pediatric Sealant Application at Bloom Dental of Arlington

Bloom Dental of Arlington provides high-quality dental sealant applications for our pediatric patients. We pride ourselves on offering first-class dental services to maximize the longevity of your children’s teeth. We also create custom mouth guards to further protect your child's teeth during sports and other activities. To learn more about dental sealants and how they are an effective supplement to an oral hygiene routine, contact Bloom Dental of Arlington today!

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